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MICROSOFT SQL Server has been a part of my life and love to explore more into the subject. Learning SQL Engine is not an easy part and at the same time not a difficult one, only requires your dedication and interest on the subject.

After being a member of various SQL Server Blogs, I thought myself to create a blog on my own. My intention is to place all the SQL Server Scripts at one place to make life easier. Hope this will be helpful for everyone.

You can use the above tabs to browse through your required topics. Most of the scripts have been tested and few of them taken from various sources using Google. My recommendation is to go through MSDN pages of Microsoft for more detailed information.


I, Nagavara Prasad Arekatla (known as Naga, Vara & Prasad) born on 2nd August. Completed studies in Information Technology (IT) and did Microsoft certifications (MCTS & MCITP) on SQL Server. I have done additional courses on MSBI, Oracle DBA and looking for a chance to explore in them.


SQL Server is a Microsoft product used to manage and store information. There are various reasons for choosing SQL Server in an organisation. SQL Server benefits;

[1] It’s the FUTURE with different versions.
[2] Improved Performance and Scalability.
[3] Increased Availability.
[4] Better Security.
[5] Immediate Recoverability
[6] Reliable Distributed data and Transactions.
[7] Server based processing.
[8] Better Licensing than any other in market and many more….


My future challenges is to create my own tool to monitor SQL Server Engine.

At present, third party tools playing an important role in every organisation for monitoring SQL Servers. Firstly, having your own tool will show your expertise and dedication towards the subject. Secondly, will save budget thereby building Confidence, Relationships and Trust with your company. Thirdly, marketing your tool once successful.


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[SQL Server DBA\Development, AZURE Cloud, MSBI [SSIS, SSAS, SSRS], Oracle DBA, Sybase, Data Warehousing, VMware, SAN].

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